Indian Bride Hair Styles 2017 DC VA MD

Beautiful Braids:

Indian braids are very trendy and tradition, they look amazing on bridals. You can add some flowers, hair accessories and jewels that can add more beauty in the braid. All braid types like side-braid, French braid, tail braid, cross braid, Khajori tail braid, fishtail braid and waterfall braid; all are very trendy nowadays for brides. As jhummar and tikka look nice with braids. It’s like you complete the garden with beautiful flowers. Trust me you will look amazing on your wedding just like a doll. Check some of the braids the all are mentioned below.

Stylish Open Curls and Waves:

Do you have long hair? Oh yes, I would suggest you go for this hairstyle, as this one is so perfect for long hairs. The wet curly hair on one side looks really beautiful. And by adding flowers in curls they will appear more beautiful and amazing. So if you are open hair lover then go for this one. You can make a crown on the top of your head, and other hair will be curled then the style is complete. You will be the best beautiful bride ever.

Classic Buns & Updos:

Buns for bridals has always been famous as they complete the bride look. The jhummar, tikkah and all head jewelry accessories appear amazing and elegant with buns. Buns are not only famous among Indian or in eastern countriesbut also in western countries. You can put a flower on the bun that will seem more gorgeous. But it will only look great when you make it cleanly and neatly, and it will look more traditional if you cover your head with tissue dupatta. Use flowers and head accessories for the perfection.

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